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                                                                                                              portrait by Marcus Iglauer





Thurman is a visual artist working on paper, from a studio in Shropshire.
She trained in Textile/Print at CSM and has been exhibiting regularly since 2008. 

Recent investigations explore the life experiences that we carry within us, naturally informing who we are.
She touches on the complexities of human nature: our strengths and underlying vulnerabilities designed by circumstance. This is described through her use of line, colour and mix of medium.
Each series tends to evolve from a common form, morhping through experimentation and processes within the studio. 
Tensions within her compositions are key elements of her vocabulary - she flaunts crude technique combined with precision detailing as a visual language, testing balance with the complementary sanctuary of irregularity.

She describes her focus as the pursuit of communication - hers is the challenge of articulation, as she strives to interpret universal experiences that make connections with the viewer.

September '22 - Vikki Nelson 


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